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Kiwis in Canada

3rd August 2011 by , | 1 Comment

The exact number of New Zealanders living in Canada is not clear, but our estimates put the number in the range of 12,000 to 15,000 . However, getting a handle on Kiwis in Canada is a tricky proposition. Given the broad cultural similarities between New Zealand and Canada it is very easy for Kiwis, who decide to make their livings and lives here, to quickly blend into the wider context. On a regular basis however, I come across fellow Kiwis working in a variety of fields: Alistair Matheson, Dean of the School of Hospitality at Humber College in Toronto; Michael Trebilcock, Law Professor at University of Toronto; Peter Hogg, eminent constitutional expert; the iconic Martin McSkimming, owner and permanent fixture of Hemingways, a sprawling and usually packed bar with a distinct antipodean motif and clientele in downtown Toronto; and several Kiwis are down on Bay Street (Canadian equivalent of Wall Street) . They all have something distinct to offer and we find various ways to draw on their skills and insights.

More recently I have met up with Danny Luke, General Manager of Skyline Luge at Mt Tremblant, the East Coast’s premier ski field. Danny’s grandfather, Hylton Hensman was the founder and original Chairman of Skyline Enterprises. As a youngster Danny was a “test driver” for luge cart concepts designed by his grandfather. He progressed to operating the luge at the Queenstown site in the South Island and now alternates between overseeing the luge businesses in Mt Tremblant in the short summer season, and “winters over” at their luge site in Singapore. I had met Danny in Ottawa last year, but we were visiting Mt Tremblant recently (about 2 hours from Ottawa) so dropped into say gidday and to give his product a test run. I took safety over speed so came in a dismal third behind my sons Matthew and Oliver.

One Response to “Kiwis in Canada”

  1. Robert Saunders Robert Saunders says:

    Gidday High Commissioner ( New Zealand ):Mr.Andrew Needs.

    As you may know now in N.Z. your country is getting ready for the Winter Games with all sort of sports common to Canada. This year if you are game I would like to help you enjoy cross country skiing her in the Ottawa area and a little East in Western Quebec , that is during the week-end when the GREAT Canadian Ski Marathon takes place. If you are up to it you can try your body to push to complete 160km. in two days. If you at all interested I can give help as this is now my retired passion. Just a small help to try to as kind as your fellow mates from down under. Join
    the winter fun in Canada. Rob

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