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New Zealand Wine in Canada

19th October 2011 by , | No Comments

The Globe and Mail is Canada’s most widely distributed daily. It is characterised by itself and many of its readers as Canada’s paper of record. It’s part of my morning news fix, either as a broadsheet or online.  As with many newspapers, it’s the weekend edition that both loads up on stories and gets more readership when we all have a little more time, beyond the weekday scan, to check out the various specialist sections. 

This weekend’s version was good for New Zealand.  Globe wine writer Beppi Crossariol has run a number of New Zealand wine related pieces in recent months.  This one, however, managed to incorporate wine, food and culture.  I am providing the link so you can check it out for yourselves.  I was particularly pleased to see how much of a fan Beppi has become of our reds.  He clearly considers that our winemakers’ technical abilities, combined with the terroir (French term to denote the special characteristics that the geography, geology and climate of a particular locale bestow on a variety of grape), make both red and white wines from New Zealand truly world class. 

As a demonstration of this, at the prestigious Decanter World Wine Awards in London, New Zealand wines recently won two international trophies, 15 gold medals and 88 silver medals. 

Canada is already an excellent market for New Zealand wine, with regular year on year growth.  Over the next two to three years, I am expecting to see considerably increased interest in New Zealand reds (currently less than 10 percent of total New Zealand sales into Canada).   This will be achieved through a combination of factors. These include word of mouth as  Canadians, including those 50,000 who visit New Zealand each year, discover the quality of our wines;  the due diligence of Canadian wine wholesalers, with their knowledgeable buyers who match up quality and price; the promotion efforts of the New Zealand Wine Growers; and ongoing media coverage.

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