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Jakarta Farewell / Perpisahan Jakarta

16th December 2014 by Awan Poesoro, Jakarta | No Comments

I recently concluded my assignment as New Zealand Ambassador to Indonesia.  I spent 50 months in Indonesia, the longest ever posting for a New Zealand Ambassador in Jakarta.  I thought I should pen a few words to sum up the experience. Indonesia by any measure is one of New Zealand’s most important partners.  It’s the closest point of

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ASEAN: PASSING THE BATON / ASEAN: Mengoper Tongkat Estafet

27th November 2014 by David Taylor, Jakarta | No Comments

I’ve been New Zealand’s Ambassador to ASEAN since April 2010.  My predecessor Phillip Gibson was our first Ambassador to ASEAN – he presented credentials to the then ASEAN Secretary General in 2008.  On 3 November, Stephanie Lee became the third New Zealand Ambassador to ASEAN and the first fully dedicated to ASEAN work.  Both Phillip and I

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Indonesia – Development, Decentralisation, Democracy / Indonesia – Pembangunan, Desentralisasi, Demokrasi

26th November 2014 by David Taylor, Jakarta | No Comments

I have criss-crossed Indonesia in recent weeks, mainly for business but with a couple of personal trips as well.  I’ve been from Sorong in the far east, to Banda Aceh in the North-West; to the bustling cities of Surabaya, Makassar and Bandung; to Bali, the region’s international conference centre and mass tourism destination; to beautiful

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The Ambassador’s Blog: ASEAN Economic Community (AEC): a relatively brief primer / Masyarakat Ekonomi ASEAN (AEC): Sebuah Informasi Pengantar yang Relatif Singkat

12th November 2014 by David Taylor, Jakarta | No Comments

In December 2015 ASEAN will announce the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC).  It’s intended to make ASEAN more economically integrated both internally and internationally.  It’s undoubtedly one of the most ambitious economic integration programmes in the developing world and a further example of the visionary approach that ASEAN leaders have taken to building community among the

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Indonesia’s protein needs – New Zealand’s role as a protein partner / Kebutuhan Protein Indonesia – Peran Selandia Baru Sebagai Mitra Protein

29th October 2014 by David Taylor, Jakarta | No Comments

Protein is essential for life and human development, from conception throughout life. It’s essential for brain development and function, for skin, teeth, bones and organs. We get protein from fish, chicken, dairy products, lean meat and certain nuts. There’s protein in rice too, but you’d have to eat a huge amount to meet the recommended

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Indonesia Elections Etc / Pemilu Indonesia Dll

5th September 2014 by David Taylor, Jakarta | No Comments

Millions of words have been written about Indonesia’s Presidential election and its aftermath. Millions more are being written now about President-elect Joko (Jokowi) widodo’s approach to Cabinet formation and policy development plans.  I’m not going to summarise and seek to crystal ball gaze.  But I would like to make some brief observations about the bigger picture.

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ASEAN’s Future: Stir It Up

30th June 2014 by David Taylor, Jakarta | No Comments

I recently spoke at the 28th Asia Pacific Roundtable in Kuala Lumpur on the future of ASEAN. The conference was excellent by the way – some great speakers, around 400 attendees and lots of energy and interest in the room and the discussions that took place. I submitted and spoke to a paper on ASEAN’s

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ASEAN: Myanmar at the helm

9th May 2014 by David Taylor, Jakarta | No Comments

I wrote recently about the year ahead for Indonesia, now it’s ASEAN’s turn. Myanmar took charge in early January and will chair ASEAN meetings and processes for this calendar year.  They hosted their first meeting in Bagan in February – the ASEAN Foreign Ministers’ Retreat (AMM). The forward calendar is full and still evolving, with

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Indonesia New Zealand Maju Bersama – Advancing Together

7th May 2014 by David Taylor, Jakarta | 5 Comments

There’s been a lot of effort over recent years to build ties between Indonesia and New Zealand. And a lot of success too, though there are areas where I’m sure we can do a lot better. We decided it was time to try and wrap a brand around what we’re doing together. The team at

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Burgeoning Education Relations

15th April 2014 by David Taylor, Jakarta | No Comments

I’ve written a few blogs on the education theme, but thought an update on some work streams might be worthwhile. We’re deepening our engagement with Indonesia at the institution to institution level.  Some 18 agreements between institutions have been finalised over the past year or so.  In recent weeks, the University of Auckland has just

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