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Indonesia Elections Etc / Pemilu Indonesia Dll

5th September 2014 by David Taylor, Jakarta | No Comments

Millions of words have been written about Indonesia’s Presidential election and its aftermath. Millions more are being written now about President-elect Joko (Jokowi) widodo’s approach to Cabinet formation and policy development plans.  I’m not going to summarise and seek to crystal ball gaze.  But I would like to make some brief observations about the bigger picture.

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ASEAN’s Future: Stir It Up

30th June 2014 by David Taylor, Jakarta | No Comments

I recently spoke at the 28th Asia Pacific Roundtable in Kuala Lumpur on the future of ASEAN. The conference was excellent by the way – some great speakers, around 400 attendees and lots of energy and interest in the room and the discussions that took place. I submitted and spoke to a paper on ASEAN’s

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ASEAN: Myanmar at the helm

9th May 2014 by David Taylor, Jakarta | No Comments

I wrote recently about the year ahead for Indonesia, now it’s ASEAN’s turn. Myanmar took charge in early January and will chair ASEAN meetings and processes for this calendar year.  They hosted their first meeting in Bagan in February – the ASEAN Foreign Ministers’ Retreat (AMM). The forward calendar is full and still evolving, with

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Indonesia New Zealand Maju Bersama – Advancing Together

7th May 2014 by David Taylor, Jakarta | 5 Comments

There’s been a lot of effort over recent years to build ties between Indonesia and New Zealand. And a lot of success too, though there are areas where I’m sure we can do a lot better. We decided it was time to try and wrap a brand around what we’re doing together. The team at

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Burgeoning Education Relations

15th April 2014 by David Taylor, Jakarta | No Comments

I’ve written a few blogs on the education theme, but thought an update on some work streams might be worthwhile. We’re deepening our engagement with Indonesia at the institution to institution level.  Some 18 agreements between institutions have been finalised over the past year or so.  In recent weeks, the University of Auckland has just

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The Joy of Cultural Diplomacy

18th March 2014 by David Taylor, Jakarta | 2 Comments

One of the challenges in any relationship is helping the other side to understand your perspective.   Who you are.  What you represent.  Why things are one way not another. Culture can be a powerful tool.  It can connect people.  It can explain.  It can show.  And it can excite. I’ve just been in New Zealand

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Indonesia: 2014: a year of change

14th January 2014 by David Taylor, Jakarta | 2 Comments

As I sit at my desk at the start of 2014, thinking about what’s to come this year, elections is the theme for Indonesia. Many millions of words have been printed, read or said already about Indonesia’s 2014 elections, so I’m not going to try and do a full review of their importance nor am

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When Marty met Murray (take 2)

9th January 2014 by David Taylor, Jakarta | No Comments

At the beginning of last year I wrote a blog on the 2012 annual meeting of the Indonesian and New Zealand foreign ministers here in Jakarta.  The latest meeting took place in Auckland on 31 October 2013, following officials talks the preceding day. The narrative for 2013 was even better than in 2012. Ministers welcomed

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Volunteers making an early difference

28th November 2013 by David Taylor, Jakarta | 2 Comments

I recently received from retired academic Laurie Wesley a copy of a monograph he had edited celebrating the New Zealand University Students Association Volunteer Graduate Scheme (VGS) in Indonesia. The VGS operated in Indonesia in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Indonesia’s huge development needs in the post-independence period provided the spark for this initiative

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The Value of Summits

29th October 2013 by David Taylor, Jakarta | 3 Comments

The annual APEC Summit was held recently in Bali back to back with the East Asia Summit in Brunei.  I was talking to a journalist as we waited for the Sultan of Brunei to become available for a meeting with Prime Minister Key and we got onto the question of the value of these big

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